Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saudi" Peace Plan" / Media Bias

The rumors that Pres-elect Obama will push the Saudi "peace plan" is of course cause for concern.We really do not know if this is correct.
The Arab League placed a full page NYT ad, calling for peace-based on the plan.

The problems are many:

They don't want to negotiate-take it or leave it.

The plan if accepted is a formula for the destruction of Israel, by accepting Palestinian " refugees" within Israel proper. Yes ,if there is a Palestinian State, that is where they belong, not in the Jewish State.You cannot have 2 Arab States.Within a few years,the influx would change Israel from a Jewish State into a Muslim one.

The possibility of giving up the holiest place in Israel-site of the Holy Temple to Arabs,is totally unacceptable (Temple Mount).

Equally unacceptable is a Juden-frei West Bank of Judea and Samaria,where over a quarter of a million Jews live.

The whole plan is a massivbe PR scheme, that must be exposed for what it is.

As rockets continue to fall on the Negev, we are back to the daily warnings from Olmert. Livni and Barak. As in the past, usually no one on the other side cares.
Oh yes, the Europeans care that the gates to Gaza are closed for their aid packages,but are not concerned about Jewish lives at risk.


The Washington Post ombudsman, Deborah Howell after concluding that the paper was tilted to the left in its recent coverage,now advocates a litmus test for applicants to ensure fairness.
It will never work.Human nature in the form of young liberal applicants,the type of students going to Journalism School, favor the Democrats.
What is needed is proper suervision of the writers,journalists,headline writers and editorial staff to return to a balanced and fair approach. Information and bloggers must be thoroughly vetted. The story of a fictitous person,organization and quote regarding Sarah Palin is a disgraceful commentary,(that she did not know Africa was a continent)
Is the coverage of candidates fair? are both sided receiving an equal amount of coverage?If Palin's wardrobe is discussed,do we read obout Michelle Obama's or the male candidates? If we read about Palin's medical history amd McCain's melanomas,,do we read about when Obama ,a smoker had his last chest x-ray, or Biden his last neurologicxal-vascular exam based on his history?
I only wrote for a college newspaper,but I recall the standards that were used in issues that were controversial.The Wall Street Journal,is a conservative paper from the editorial point of view,but has a totally different staff,editors and direction in reporting the news.
If the media,decides it wants to tear apart a politician like Palin,or to glorify one like Obama,then they do a disservice to their readership and the country.The time for media to address the problem is before the election, not as a post-mortem