Thursday, November 06, 2008

Palin- Emanuel the new COS

Here's how a rumor starts.
This morning in synagogue,a gentlemen indignantly asked me how I felt about Obama appointing an Arab as his Chief of Staff.? Despite my insistence that Rahm Emanuel was Jewish,the son of an Irgun fighter from Israel,it took the intervention of the Rabbi to quiet my friend. He sends his children to a Day School,and prays at an Orthodox Synagogue.He speaks Hebrew,and has spent much time in Israel, including a stint in the IDF during the first Gulf War.

As far as his appointment goes,I have mixed feelingsHe is a tough extremely partisan,angry and hard-nosed politician.From the point of view of bi-partisanship,that a difficult pill to swallow.However,Obama needs an inside man to keep Pelosi and Reid at bay.The Dems in Congress,probably will be looking to fullfill each campaign promise.Obama is smart,and doesn't wish to repeat Clinton's first 2 years,where despite 58 Dem. Senators,he accomplished nothing for failing to compromise.Emanuel,if that is his task,is the best man for the job.It is a back-breaking assignment,and with small children he won't be able to last 2 terms.

The stock market is certainly sending a message to our new President-Don't abandon us!

The Palin leaks are disgusting.Traditionally every losing candidates team looks for scapegoats.The McCain campaign handled her terribly.That includes the vetting process and their fear of letting her go out and be herself.
For the time being,she should withdraw,allow the Stevens matter to come to a conclusion,and then decide if she wants to be a national player.She must travel the world,get up to speed on the myriad of issues our nation faces and develop relationships with more mature thinkers of public policy.It is too early to think about 2012, even if some of her detractors are trying to pre-empt her in that regard.
The ascendency of Cong. Eric Cantor to no. 2 in the Republican House leadership is a good and healthy move.Note todays WSJ editorial on the alte kockers in the Democratic Congressional leadership.Their turn will come in 2-4 or 6 years and a fresh young Republican team must lay the groundwork for it.