Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Thank the Good Lord that I was a more successful surgeon than a political prognosticator.
Congratulations to our new President .His victory was both a personal one based on his personality,and unbelievable oratorical skills.It was also a huge protest vote against the war, and the economy and President Bush.
Obama ran a skillful campaign.Aided by young people with no memory of the Cold War or WWII, and blacks-latinos his victory was powerful.
Thank D-d the Dems did not reach 60.As I write this early in the AM,four races have not been decided.Minn,Georgia,Alaska and Oregon. If all 4 stay Rep.,then Mitch McConnell will have enough conservatives to block too liberal and radical legislation.
Once the dust settles,then the varied Obama supporters,will be pulling in many directions.When he sends more troops to Afghanistan ,will liberals cheer and support it?
If he is wise and holds off temporarily on the Union demands for "open " elections because the country and business is against it,will they cheer?
An interesting scenario that I could concoct,is that if Stevens wins in Alaska,and his conviction upheld he must resign.Perhaps Palin looking to the future,would resign and be appointed or run or that position.
In the next few days I will devote some space to Pres. Bush,and the 78% of Jews who voted for Obama.
One personal sad note is that a number of months ago I volunteered to speak throughout S. Florida for McCain in front of Jewish groups.I did this through a friend in Washington close to the campaign leadership.I sent a bio.etc-no response.I called the head of the Florida Republican Party on the Friday before the Republican convention with the same offer.He promised to call me back in one week.-no resonse.
I called in Sept. a local leader to volunteer to man a phone bank,with Florida friends-he never called back.
As my son pointed out, the Republicans deserved to lose on a national scale,since they abused their mandates.Locally they ran a poor campaign,and probably were guilty of "campaign malpractice".

The only happy news of the last few days is that Benny Begin is returning to Likud and Israeli politics.He is a true gentleman and honest atypical politician.
I recall when he was made a Minister in a previous Cabinet,he told me two stories that indicate his character.
He love to swim early in the AM.So he told his bodyguard,that he could sleep a little later.Benny would take the car to the Univesity to swim,and pick up the bodyguard afrter he finished..Security nixed that after a while.
One one occasion he was waiting for his luggage at Kennedy after a flight from Israel. A group of Knesset members saw him at the luggage area,and commented that they did not know he was on the flight.He answered that since he was flying on Govt. money, he flew coach unlike them who used public fund for Business Class.Welcome Back Benny!