Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Pirates / Hillary

The saga of the Pirates, will make a great movie in the future.However, for the present the wrong message is being sent.Michael Oren had a terrific piece in yesterdays WSJ.The bottom line is that unless the free world and those who use the shipping lanes unite with a credible program and action, the problem will get out of hand.
This is a great time for all the naval powers, and those with surveillance capacity from all sources to join and share their combined assets, and solve the problem definitively.


The apparent choice of Hillary as SOS, from our point of view is the best possible pick.She is fully aware of the issues and nuances of the ME, and has a strong record on Jerusalem, and Iran.Though not a neocon, she understands the role of US power and how to respond to threats to our national security.
Yet, let us not assume that this is a 100% gain for our team.
I remember when George Schultz was chosen for that post, and everyone bemoaned his Bechtel experience.Yet he turned into a great friend on all the key issues.Hillary will not be making policy,Obama will,and the appointment of Gen. Jones as Ntl Security Advisor, plus the influence of Brezinski,Scowcroft and others who advocate the Saudi Plan will set up a source of potential conflict.There are many in the foreign policy establishment who do not look kindly on the special US-Israel relationship.
Hillary of course will play the major role.
What will Biden's role be? Will Dennis Ross get an official position? Who will Hillary choose as her team at State?Will Gates stay on for a while ? Will Obama so bogged down in economic problems look to avoid a fight with the pro-Israel community ,who helped him get elected? What happens if Bibi wins in Feb.?
As you can see you, can come up with so many permuations,that it is difficult to predict the future.
The bottom line-Stay Aware!


I wish I could figure out how much graft, corruption ,favoritism ,waste etc will we witness in a public works program creating 2.5 million jobs?
Stay tuned!