Tuesday, August 31, 2010

West Bank violence / The Wave ? / Iraq

Since I will be going onto the hospital for a day or 2 for surgery-if my son Elli has the time he will blog.
The tragic death of the 4 Israelis including a pregnant woman once again shows the attitude of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations to civilian life.
The only response is to catch the murderers,but at the same start building in the settlements in their memory.

The polls keep showing a 'WAVE' in Nov. for the Republicans.This is true especially in the House.Dick Morris and others believe 11 Senate seats are not impossible.Should that become true,the Republicans must act in a deliberate manner,to carry out a "grand scheme" re. Obamacare, the economy and jobs.They cannot let Obama set the agenda.

With 50,000 troops in Iraq, no stable govt in sight,and the violence still present,today is not a victory lap.There still can be a civil war,or new elections in the near future." It is not over until the fat lady sings."

Monday, August 30, 2010


As a followup of the "Islamophobia" nonsense,Jonah Goldberg has published an interesting piece in the Aug 24th LA Times-entitled ISLAMOPHOBIA? NOT REALLY-
In every year since 9/11 he points out, many more Jews have been victims of hate crimes than Muslims.
It is the 70% of Americans who oppose the mosque who are victims of a climate of hate.An anti-Muslim backlash is a myth.

It will be intereting to see how Obama-Biden 2 opponents of the surge and Petraeus make believe George Bush was never there.

I read as many articles on the Beck rally that I could.Over and over was the issue of the color of the skin of the attendees."Almost all white" was the refrain .Yet I myself saw a few black families walking to the march.
Question.How many white faces were in the Sharpton rally?
The Beck rally was huge.I can't say whether it was 300,000 0r double that.The media tried to play it down.
Question- how many people in the Sharpton rally that he should get equal billing? 200 or a thousand?
I get nervous when I hear a mixture of religion and politics combined, even if it is kept sub-rosa.Nevertheless one cannot deny the underlying anger and frustration of the American people.
Lokking at Obama today, I think I felt an anger and frustration,that he cannot control the world or the Congress.After he spoke on the economy,the Dow fell another 50 or so points.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Radical vs Moderate Islam

One of the great fallacies in the war on Islamic terror,is that if we raise these people from poverty,and supply job opportunities,housing etc., they will not have time or a desire for terror.
The facts show otherwise.Osama Bin Laden comes from a mega-rich family with much social and economic power.His number 2 man is a physician.
Among the London bombers,were members of the medical profdession.(as were members of the Tokyo subway terrorists)
The Fort Hood shooter, was a phyusician and reached the rank of Major.One of those arrested this week in Canada in the bomb plot was a pathologist,who appeared on a " Canadian idol show".
These people are prime examples of individuals who have religious belief in radical Islam,hate our way of life and are prepared to destoy us if they can get away with it.
It is pure nonaense to believe that by protesting the mosque we help Al Quida membership applications.If we did nothing these people would still hate us and our way of life.
We talk of radical vs moderate Islam.My question is Does a moderate Muslim mean that they have not caught you yet being a radical?I hope not!We need to see moderates stand up and lead their people.
What we need to see is indivdual Muslims and groups really prove they are "moderate" by word and deed.That means Hamas,Hezbollah, Iranian radicalism, treatment of women ,terror, suicide attacks, and so on must be areas that demand their voices..

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We hear the cry of Islamophobia,and read that we Americans are a racist, bigoted people, where only 24% of people have a positive opinion of Islam.
What other group sponors suicide attacks on innocent civilians?
Who sponsored the attemped Times Square bombing,and the Ft. Hood massacre?
Which group put 40 odd nails into a wayward woman yesterday?
Who stones adulterers?
Which society will not allow women to walk alone,drive a car and be unveiled?
Which society does not allow the rule of law,freedom of religion, or the press?
Which group in the name of Jihad blew up our WTC,and has attempted to blow up planes?
Which group in America ,or its leaders fails to condemn Hamas? Hizbollah? Osama Bin Laden?
We could go on and on,however the bottom line is clear.Can you blame America for saying NOT IN MY COUNTRY!

One final thought.My Professor of Surgery alwaays taught us," one prune does not make a Tzimmis"- a prune and carrot Jewish delicacy.
One crazy person who stabs a Muslim does not paint all Americans as rabid violent racists for opposing the Mosque.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PA protest / JOE MILLER

The Jerusalem Post reports that PA police and security forces broke up a press conference of groups that are protesting the acceptance by Abbas of direct talks.If that is the way they approach "democracy" with their own people, how will they deal with Jews?
So far Bibi is playing it close to the vest re: the building freeze.I assume between Sept 2 and the 26th when no progress on security is made,he will feel free to say we must continue with building in Jerusalem.

Honestly I almost never heard of Joe Miller.His apparent upset victory in Alaska has shaken up the political world.I was quite friendly with Frank Murkowski when he was Senator.However the trick he pulled by appointing his daughter as his replacement,came back to haunt him when he lost to Palin, and now when Palin backed Miller in the Senate race.
Miller a Yale law school graduate , combat veteran and hero, and a Federal Judge.
If he can win, he will be a bright intelligent conservative voice in Washington.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tv commercials / The new school in LA

Among the most irritating and annoying daily events are the commercials on television.
First are the multidtude of plaintiff attorney's who want you to sue for every side effect of every drug,as well as syndromes I never heard of.It appears that every worker in this country is being unpatriotic if they don't pick up the phone and call 1-800-sue everyone.
Now if you have memory loss-if you can remember to take our pills-they are available for nothing except shipping and handling.
How about the speeding cars driving at unsafe speeds ,or the pig who drives in the back seat to help sell Geico.
Now what they all have in common, is that the volume automatically goes up the minute the commercial comes on.

A few months ago Sheila and I visited China.One of the highlights was a visit to the Olympic Stadium in Bejing built in the shape of a birds nest.Of course the Olympic Games were held there within the last 2 years, and the edifice rfepreesented the entire Chinese nation,and they should be proud of it.How shocked I was to learn that the new public school in bankrupt Los Angeles cost more than that Stadium.California has lost its bearings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peace talks / Australia elections

The demand that Israel renounce settlement activity even before the talks begin is really a smokescreen.
Arafat negotiated even while settlements were being built.Any activity whether in Jerusalem or beyond,is being undertaken in areas that will never be given back to the PA in any agreement.
What you have is Abbas reacting to his critics by saying, DON'T CRITICIZE IT WILL BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT.AS ALWAYS,THEY WILL MISS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY ,as they witness facts being created on the ground.
While,it is probable that the newest Iranian drone is just hype,the Govt of Israel cannot sit idly by, and watch the DAYS FLOW INTO MONTHS AS IRAN GETS CLOSER TO A NUCLEAR WEAPON.
Should Israel attack,that will cut negotiations off the chart for another 2 years,while the Hezbollah,Hamas and Iranian issues are cleared up.

It is interesting to read about the Australian elections.and the comments in the op-ed and editorial page of the WSJ as to the possible lessons for America-namely the end of big spending defecit government.As England seems to be straightening out their financial mess,including revamping their socialized medicine,hopefully we will be next to kick the left wing out of govt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


As the Sept 2 date of the WH conference with Israel and the PA comes close,we should keep in mind certain facts to help us understand the probable outcome.
Firstly, while, Israelis would like peace, they understand as the late Golda Meir stated- there never was a Palestinian nation, people or State.
2-Abbas is there from a position of weakness, without full support from all factions,especially the HAMAS .On the other hand Bibi did not give in on any pre-conditions including settlements.
3-If Bibi restarts builing in Jerusalem or beyond, Abbas is out of thre.If he doesn't he is in trouble with his coalition.
4-Border Security-this is key, and how can the US lecture Israel on border security, when we caNNOT SECURE OUR OWN BORDERS-MILLIONS COMING IN,WITH MILLIONS OF POUNDS OF DRUGS.Suppose those were nuclear weapons?
In addition the UN could not secure the Lebanese border from Syrian and Iranian smugglers.
Thus only Israeli security at the border can suffice-A NON_STARTER FOR ABBAS.
5- Jerusalem can never again be divided oe serve as the capitol of any entity or State-Again a PA non-starter.
6- Right of Return- As Pres.Bush noted-if the Palestinians have a State that is where their returnees belong.A Non-Starter for Israel.
7-Any Palestinian entity must be demilitarized - a no brainer, yet a non-starter for the PA.
8-A return to 1967 borders- a total impossibility-a non-starter for Israel
9- Agreeing that Israel is a Jewish State-If the PA won't agree there is no reason to proceed.
10- Any decision Bibi makes will be presented to the Israeli electorate for approval-Do you think the Israeli public will go along after giving back Gaza?
Thus not a very hopeful scenario.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama the more than PINTELE MUSLIM

If you read most of the political blog sites that I went to today there is a repitition in reporting on the story that many believe that Obama is a Muslim.They use the terms "mistaken" and" false" to describe the 18-25% of people who believe he is a Muslim.
However as I and others wrote 1-2 years he was born to a Muslim father,therefore defacto a Muslim.Thye religion does not recognize any conversion or renunciation away from Islam.
In grade school, his religion was "Muslim" and he went to religious services.
That later he "became a Christian" was probably a political decision.Even if not, his heart belongs to Islam,his philosophy is LEFT-that blames the US for Islamic misfortunes. He does not believe in American exceptionalism.
That I wrote that he is a PINTELE Muslim speaks to his Neshama -his soul, and that his actions and words bear out.
Pintele refers to a"spark" as we use it in the terminology a "pintele Yid" someone removed from the religion, but at some point , that spark comes to the surface.
Barack Hussein Obama ehhibits more than a "spark" -he is the real thing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ABBAS and the Mosque

No Jews allowed in Palestine,and if there is a Nato peace force-NO Jews allowed on the property of Palestine -so said Mahmoud Abbas in the last 24 hours.
Yet he refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish State.
Bibi should tell him to take a hike!
He is just another Islamic anti-semitic who is a Holocaust denier-note his PHD dissertation
It is interesting as Hannity and Caroline Glick have pointed out, Obama says if the IMAM HAS LEGAL RIGHTS TO BUILD THAT IS FINE, BUT JEWS CANNOT BUILD IN THEIR OWN CAPITAL cITY OF JERUSALEM..
How sad that the minute people disagree with the Pres.,or the Dems,Pelosi saYS IT IS A SINISTER CONSPIRACY-WAIT UNTIL THE CONSPIRACY THAT KNOCKS 60 OF HER hOUSE MEMBERS INTO RETIREMENT.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mosque

I believe many of the individuals who either support the mosque or are on both sides are wrong/
Take Sen. Jack Reed, a fine honest, Vietnam veteran who I was friendly with when I was involved.
He said if the mosque will be used to preach moderation-great-if not then he would oppose.
Firstly what do you expect them to say!
Name me one mosque in America that talks and acts for moderation.For example condemn 9/11 without lawyerly clauses, condemn, Hamas, talk about, the right to build a church or synagogue in Saudi Arabia.
And then how can you check what they are preaching behind closed doors?
How can they raise 100 million dollars without the Saudis and other such anti-Christian and anti-semitic sources.
My solution is to have Congress pass a resolution or bill naming the site a National Monument since the plane that crashed into the Tower had parts that landed on the building.
In essence Islam today is not a legitimate religion in the sense that they are not a religion of peace and violate our laws.When a religion advocates polygomy or child sex, we send them to jail.Sharia Law cannot be allowed in this country This is what they advocate.
The A-G of NY can inspect the books of this charity Cuomo should do this immediately.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Since I am packing up ready to return Sunday to NJ,I will try to 'bulletenize' my points.
.- How sad to see Sen. Schumer toasting Charlie Rangel at the Plaza last nite
Chuck- don't you have a sense of morality?
.-All the hullabaloo about the Jet Blue attendant is misplaced.To me it would be like a surgeon getting angry at socialised medicine in the middle of the procedure-curse everyone out, and leave the patient on the table.
Yes dealing with the public can be frustrating, but this attendant was responsible for the safety -including the mental health of the passengers-He failed,and he is not a hero.
.- the headlines that Obama night meet Ahmedajean in NY is truly outrageous.

.- the anger of the left is off the chart-to wit wishing Palin dead,or Cindy Sheehan getting into a 'pis---g match with the WH press chief Gibbs.

.- The Pew report regarding the number and percentage of children born in the US to illegal aliens is frightening.The 14th amendment was never meant to cover this epidemic.

.- Time after time we see that the public employees unions their outrageous pension plans are one of the prime causes of bankrupting our cities and states.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Political battles

The Politico column today has a headline that call the Bennett victory in Colorado a victory for Obama and the De ms. I didn't quite understand it especially since Obama was there one time months ago.
Karl Rove this morning put a different spin on it which makes a lot of sense.
The Democratic primary had a President and former Pres on opposite sides of the campaign.It was a hard fought battle,and yet only 300,000-plus Democrats came out to vote.
On the Republican side, 407,000 plus came out to vote and the loser Norton scored more votes than the Dem winner. That enthusiasm gap is important as we head to Nov.

The contest in Connecticut was interesting on 2 fronts.
First Ted Lamont, who beat Joe Lieberman in the Dem.primary 4 years ago, lost in his battle for the Gubernatorial nomination.The left wing punished him for turning centrist.
Secondly the election of Linda McMahon in the Senate contest will make it a real battle with AG Blumenthal.She has the money and I am reminded of Jessie Ventura who went from the ring to the State Capital in I believe Mn.
It should be a competive race-don't be suprised by an upset

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Islam- a threat!

I was proud to serve in Vietnam,because at the time I believed our values were under attack.
Nevertheless, I have problems with Islam in this country.
1-I do not believe that the majority of Muslims want to integrate into our way of life.
2-I believe Sharia cannot be allowed to exist in this country as inimical to our way of life.
3-I do not believe in political correctness that seems to want to hide the fact that we are at war with Islamic fundamentalists.
4-I believe the Mosque planners wherever they are, must show us that the money is not coming from Saudi Arabia.
As long as no church or synagogue can be built there, or a bible brought into their country the House of Saud cannot be allowed to destroy our way of life.
We are at war,and American soldiers are dying-yet the State Dept, sends 2 Imams around the world to sell America, when they themselves won't condemn Hamas or the 9/11 attack without indicting this country.
The Barack Hussein Obama administration must be made to answer to Congress on how they are preventing inroads by Islam into our country.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Labanon / Arab poll

Israel is moving large forces of artillery and tank brigades to the Syrian-Lebanese borders,in order to warn Nasrallah ans Assad they are playing with fire.
Civilian cars have been told to avoid certain roads where the troop movement are taking place.
Shortly the UN report on the Hariri murder will come out,and it is expected to blame Syria.How this will affect the Lebanese leadership whose Prime Minister. is the son of the murdered Christian is not clear.

The Jerusalem Post has just published the Shibley Talhani poll
on Arab attitudes toward the U.S.
The results show that the Obama charm has not worked,Whereas one year ago Arabs were hopeful that Obama could bring peace (51% ) that is down to 16%
Whereas 1 year ago only 15% of Arabs were discouraged,that is up to 63%.
61% are disappointed in the US handling of the Arab-Israel conflict.
In Israel 4-10% of Israelis in a recent poll thought Obama was a friend.
The big winner was PM Erdogan of Turkey and the big loser in the poll-Obama.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

same sex marriage./ Avraham Burg / the Kurds

There is a major difference between the battle to overturn the legality of the individual mandate in Obamacare, and the battle for gay marriage.
The health issue is a purely technical constitutional battle over the limits of the commerce clause of the constitution.While individuals,including most who have not looked at our constitution since High School ( if then ) can have opinions, mostly based on how this law affects me,and the scope of government.
Marriage is more than a constitutional issue. It is a moral all-encompassing relationship, that speaks to the very fabric of our society. It says that homosexuality is not only not an abhorrent lifestyle, but is an acceptable alternative lifestyle.It is NOT , and we should not accept the liberal media and Judges who want to foster their ideas upon us.
I am not for homophobia.Every person can live their life in whatever manner they see fit,but as "domestic partners" and not as husband and wife.
If in Jewish life, rhe reform and or the conservative clergy,or even Jewish communal groups are in accord,this in no way grants any ,more legitimacy to their views than to their other distorted ideas on our religion.

The news that Avraham Burg former Knesset Speaker is forming a new political party with Arabs,should come as no suprise to those who have followed his declining and dysfunctional career,Its hard to imagine how much lower the man can aspire to.

Jim Hoagland in the Washington Post attacks Obama for his lack of involvement and understanding of the ME. Besides Israel, he specifically discusses the Kurds, who number 5-6 Million,are 19% of the Iraqui population,and are pro-U.S. We have totally neglected them

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Missouri vote

It is very hard to understand the logic of the WH after the Missouri vote.The answer that the people didn't support Obamacare is because they don't understand it doesn't hold water.
Firstly they debated this bill,for the good part of a yr.Secondly how can you force something so important through the Congress that changes our way of life,without public support, and without any real bipartisanship.At first when the people came to the town hall meetings they were treated like garbage.Then N.J.,Virginia changed Govs.,then Brown won in Mass.,and now 71% of a state that is a swing state has a referendum,and the answer is -ZERO.
The healthcare issue will be fought now on 2 fronts-the elections and the courts.And, they are interconnected.What with the Calif. same sex ruling, the Virginia health ruling, the Arizona SB-10 ruling all working their way up to the S.C.,the Reps. are going to be emphasizing how important is the composition of the Senate for Judicial approval.
The other excuse, is that there was a low turnout, and most of the action was on the Rep. side,Yes, but assuming every Rep. voter supported the issue,90,000 De ms and Independents did too.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missouri vote / new cars in Gaza / S-300 in Iran

The 71% of Missouri voters who favored Proposition C yesterday sent a real message to Washington.They clearly stated that they oppose the mandatory health insurance that Obamacare requires.
Despite Harry Reid saying that Americans will love the healthcare bill once they learn about it,it appears the opposite is the case.Two additional states will vote on similar measures in Nov.
Taken with the preliminary Fed Court ruling, the left should be getting a little nervous.

It was amazing to see new shiny 2010 American automobiles entering Gaza via huge tunnels from Egypt.Poor deprived Gazans .

The announcement from Iran that they have S-300' even if not true,makes it imperative that Israel get ready to do what it has to do before it is too late, As we said all ,of these rockets and mortars are a diversion to keep Israel off balance, They will not be fooled.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

roocket attacks / victory no 1 against OBAMACARE

The rockets into Eilat and the fighting in the North,all point to an attempt to kick up enough dirt ,that will put a damper on peace talks.
It is reminiscent of pre- 1967 when Russia falsely told Syria and Jordan that Israel was going to attack them.Despite assurances,the Jordanians attacked and lost Jerusalem,and the Syrians lost the Golan.
Now it is Iran that is stirring the pot in the hope of diverting attention from their nuclear program and their role in terrorism.

Victory no 1
The Federal Court victory in refusing to throw out the Virginia case against the individual mandate in Obamacare is significant and the first step toward overturning the law.
No it cannot be repealed while he is Pres.,however the Reps. can starve the programs by using the budget process

Monday, August 02, 2010


When Cong Jefferson hid thousands of dollars in the freezer, did the Jury convict him because he was black? NO he was a crook!
Now that 2 more Congressional blacks face ethical charges -again the cry goes up racism.
The problem is that when members of Congress hang arond for 20 to 50 years,rhey believe they are not above the law-but THEY ARE THE LAW.
Luckily for Chris Dodd that he is retiring, or else he would be in the dock as well.
If a Jew is accused of stealing etc.,most Jews in this country will not yell 'ANTI-SEMITISM". Look at the reaction from the Sharpton's of the world-their reaction is totally different, and that is why they have no credibility in the non-black community.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

rockets again non-orthodox conversions

How can Israel negotiate with those who slam rockets into school buildings?The PA and Hamas are 2 extensions of the same cancer.One smiles as they plan to stab you.The other doesn't smile but simply vows to publicly destroy you and proceeds to shoot rockets into your civilian population.
The expos'e of Haim Ramon advising Abbas not to negotiate directly is another example of the dysfunctionality of the Israeli leadership.

I know what I am about to say will make people upset.The story of the women converted by a conservative "rabbi" in the US and not accepted by the rabbinate in Israel points out an important message.
If you were buying a name brand from an unauthorized dealer,you should be told the company may not give you the normal warranty.
When someone converts in America by the reform or conservative clergy they should honestly tell that person
a=if you ever go to Israel the conversion will probably not be accepted
b= if you have children who want to marry a traditional or orthodox person,the conversion will not be considered valid placing your childs relationship with their intended partner at risk..